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Our Wines

Micante Rosso
Le Striscie
Micante Bianco
Rosa del Salto

Our wines are produced in our vineyards that are now about 5 hectars. In 2007 the quantity of bottles was small and this has been a plus for the quality of our production. When we had to decide how to create our labels we didn't have any doubts: Maremma has been the cradle of Etruscan civilization, a unique and mysterious culture, strongly rooted in this specific part of Tuscany. Within 60 km from our winery there are a lot of the most important Etruscan archaeological sites, such as: Roselle, Populonia, Vetulonia, Vulci, Massa Marittima. On our labels there is an Etruscan Angel, a figure that was influencing fertility and was also of good blessing for the crop. We love to describe our winery a "Boutique Winery" where quality, tradition, elegance, attention to details and freshness catch the senses and produce emotions, and these are the feelings that we try to live through our work. After many years we are still ready to feel emotions when we reach the results we were looking for. We are worried when it rains too much, or when the heath is too strong, tanning our skins and when we see our plants that suffer with thirst, it's hard to sleep quietly at night. I can still remember my grandfather's words : "Stefano do always remember which are your rights, but never forget your duties. If you come at home at night with an aching back, don't complain because it means that you've achieved at least one of the two tasks I've just remembered you." We are closely bonded to our land, these are our values and these are the important things I try to transfer to my three children: Ettore, Domitilla and Diletta.

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Guardamondo lestra Le Strisce Micante Bianco Micante Rosso Poggiomaestro Rosa del Salto