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Le Strisce

Le Strisce

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The name LE STRISCE comes from place where the vineyard is located. The acidic soil, poor d clay, decorated with unique mineral compound, gives the grapes a unique and recognizable personality.
The climate, influenced by the sea winds and winds from the northeast, will help mitigate summer temperatures with a temperature between day and night of remarkable scope: this, in addition to keeping perfectly healthy grapes, contributes to the formation of perfumes and aromatic notes that are found in the olfactory tasting. The vineyard management took place in a natural and balanced biological conversion. The method of rearing the cordon. The age of the vineyard and the area where located, totally free of intensive cultivation and free from any pollution, the grape makes perfect and full of flavor.
The harvest by hand with the search of the best grapes left to dry in a room slightly thermal conditioning, the subsequent vinification is made at controlled temperatures and fermentation begins around 6-8 degrees Celsius to complete around 16-18 degrees Celsius.
The Vermentino LE STRISCE remains on its lees for not less than one year and then be ready to go in the bottle and put on the market two years after the vintage. Intense yellow color with green reflections;
Smell strong, with mineral notes, fruity (peach, apricot, mango);
Palate unique, structured, balanced with a rich finish and great persistence.
Overall, extremely elegant, impressive strength of expression of the grape of belonging, exploding the impression in its entirety.

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