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Sparkling wine, long Charmat method
The intense scent of nose with a beautiful olfactory, fragrant and floral amplitude, with hints of toast, honey and sweet tones, fruity with green apple.
On the palate fresh, dense and soft flavor, balanced acidity, clean and tasty finish

Recommended combinations: Excellent for aperitifs and crustaceans, with a raw shrimp, seasoned raw ham and alpine cheeses. Ideal with vegetarian or vegan dishes such as julienne courgettes, fennel salads, fancy salads that combine fruits and vegetables. Shredded with asparagus risotto, horseshoes, lasagne and crespelle, herbal or flower tortellini, asparagus omelette baked

Brilliant straw yellow, fine and persistent perlage

100% Vermentino

Service temperature
8-10 ° C

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