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Astronomical Observatory

Mankind has been staring at the skies since its origins. An organized and complex organism looking at primitive organic forms, in astonishment, trying to understand that miracle's mechanisms...
So, while another element turns earth, sun and sugar into wine, in MaremmAlta we look at the skies for the sake of enjoying the show and for studying the sky, planets and stars. MaremmAlta sky is the right one for this purpose, always good, great in specific humidity and wind conditions. Expecially because its sky is free from lighting pollution that spoils the sight in urban and suburban areas. It's only slightly spotted in the distance by Grosseto's lights southwards, while neither Roccastrada eastward, neither Massa Marittima northward are visible. A beautiful sky then, that shows the Milky Way, and not only this, on the warm summer nights. Stefano Rizzi and his guests will have the chance to choose, even in direct seiing, free or instrumental, thanks to the sophisticated and special tools available. An astronomical observatory is normally planned for direct observation and for astronomical photography. Considering the people that might be interested in MaremmAlta's Observatory: guests, dedicated wine/star parties, school visits, friends, it's better to focus on visual observation. Visual observation can be of two different types: free or guided. Free observation is done manually, simply holding the instruments on its stall and pointing visibile objects in the sky helped by an optical finder or a laser spotlight. This is perfect for the moon and the main planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn . Guided observation can be done either with a passive technique or the "go-to" technique. During the passive technique the object is first chosen on a computer that has pre-fixed all the main planets and stars and their azimutal coordinates. The object is then searched manually, helped by the computer's encoder, the technique to get closer is progressive. Telescopes are of two different kinds: refractors and reflectors. Refractors are the common Galileian telescopes, long tubes, formed by lenses. They release a very clear vision and aosservatorio astronomico in maremma very good contrast. Reflectors are much simpler to assemble. MaremmAlta has a binoscope: a double telescope in which you can observe with both eyes guaranteeing a very confortable vision. A unique piece of Astromechanics, a double tube of 127/800 mm refractors, able to guarantee a breathtaking tridimensional vision on all the sky objects. You can scan the huge open spaces and enlage Saturn up to 200 times or land on the moon craters! MaremmAlta Astroimaging will be the highlight of the observatory on different subjects: on high resolution for the moon and planets and on comets and other astonishing "seeings".

Starry Night
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